An old history

Founded in Paris in 1522, during the Renaissance, the firm has a history as rich as the diversity of its clientele.

Because of its location on the Left Bank, the firm has always been close to the world of letters and the arts, and several of its signing rooms bear the names of illustrious clients, such as Jean de la Fontaine, Denis Diderot, or more recently Marguerite Duras.

The development of an institutional and international clientele

More recently, the firm has developed a specific know-how to assist an international clientele, with its particular requirements.

The firm also regularly acts on behalf of institutional clients for real estate transactions.

Known for a long time as "Le Breton & Associés, notaires", the firm changed its name in 2019 by modernizing its governance through a joint-stock company.

The firm is located between the Hôtel Matignon and the Assemblée Nationale.

"Dequesne, Le Falher & Associés" is currently composed of twelve notaries surrounded by a team of about thirty professionals, lawyers and notary graduates, recognized for their legal skills, their rigor and their reactivity.

In addition, the firm has joined forces with another Parisian firm to form "Lacourte Groupe" with the aim of providing clients with a broader and fully differentiated range of services, a power of action and a dynamism that enables them to provide their clients with a tailor-made and rapid response.

Lacourte Groupe brings together more than a hundred professionals in the legal profession, whose specialties cover institutional and private real estate, business, assets and financing.

In addition to its traditional notarial activities, "Dequesne, Le Falher & Associés" distinguished itself by its practice of complex real estate projects and its international approach.


Notaire associé
Virginie Dequesne
Notaire associé
Jean-François Le Falher

A Story


Nomination of four new partners


" Le Breton & Associés, notaires " becomes  " Dequesne, Le Falher & Associés ".

Dequesne Le Falher & Associés welcomes five new notaries who are sworn in at Court.

Merger of Dequesne Le Falher & Associés with the company Lacourte to form "Lacourte Groupe".


Jean-Paul Nourry joins the firm as partner.


Virginie Dequesne joins the firm as partner.


Jean-François Le Falher becomes partner of the firm.


Marc-Henri Louvel joins the firm.


Jean-François Le Falher joins the firm.


François Faucon, previously notaire in Orléans, joins the firm and becomes partner.


The firm becomes "Le Breton & Associés, notaires".


Start of the firm in Paris.