Dequesne Le Falher & Associés offers its clients a department dedicated to family law and inheritance in all its specificities.

Backed by renewed know-how and a network of leading partners, we support our clients over several generations, and at each stage of their life: marriage contract, separation, organization and anticipation of succession, protection of the spouse, settlement of successions and management of family disputes.

Our teams are able to put in place, prior to the completion of legal acts, strategies adapted to the wealth and tax expectations of a demanding clientele.


Patrimonial law and family law:

Dequesne Le Falher & Associés supports its clients at all stages of their life, and particularly in the following areas:

- structuring the matrimonial union by anticipating difficulties by drafting tailor

-made clauses, and setting up gifts between spouses or a will adapted to each situation;

- inheritance anticipation and setting up of donation, simple or by way of anticipated sharing, gradual, residual or transgenerational;

- support for separation operations in the context of divorce proceedings or any other marital sharing;

- structuring of investments and dismemberment of the beneficiary clause of life insurance contracts;

- inheritance settlement, management of post-succession joint ownership, and establishment of quasi-usufruct agreements.

Wealth taxation:

Dequesne Le Falher & Associés has particular expertise in the area of wealth taxation, and in particular IFI, capital gains on both movable and immovable property, and gift and inheritance tax.

The growing complexity of inheritance law, property taxation and the numerous exemption regimes leads our teams to constantly mobilize in order to deliver to their clients a service that is up to date with the latest legislative and jurisprudential developments.

International property law:

Dequesne Le Falher & Associés brings its expertise in estate planning and support for international successions, in liaison with a network of local partners and specialists in international law established over more than 30 years. Our teams intervene and deliver their advice in English.

Transfer of business:

The Dequesne Le Falher & Associés study has developed, through contact with its clientele of business leaders and their various advisors, particular expertise in the following areas: donation before transfer, contribution-transfer, structuring of holding companies, Dutreil pacts and shareholders.

Literary and artistic property:

Dequesne Le Falher & Associés offers its clients particular expertise in the transfer of copyright, artistic and literary property.